Sunday, September 11, 2022

About Me

Hey there ๐Ÿ‘‹ I like to take the time and reintroduce myself since I'm starting this blog up again.

I'm a mom of three boys, two of which have special needs. I tried working outside the home as a teaching assistant but I noticed I had to keep taking time off to give special attention to my middle son due to his severe mental illness so this past June I decided to take time off from working outside and focus on what's important which are my kids. And also put some time into looking for other ways to make money from home while growing my other two side businesses. Both of these I absolutely love doing since one has to do with helping women save their money by doing their own nails at home and still having their nails looking fresh. My other is a mental health awareness company which is very important to me cause I strongly believe in their products since I have been using them and noticing big results.  

In my spare time, I enjoy writing and reading all genres but lately, I have been focusing on personal development. My intention here is to share tips about pregnancy, parenting, self-care, and ways to work from home that I have personally found success with. So stay tuned to it all :) 

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