Monday, September 26, 2022

6 Tricks to Help a Baby With Colic

Is your baby experiencing crying spells lasting for several hours? I suggest bringing your baby to their Pediatrician to rule out anything serious at first. And once there, the doctor will probably mention the word colic. It's when a baby cries excessively for more than three hours and at least three days a week. It typically starts in the first few weeks of life, peaks at 3-4 months, and usually resolves by six months. There are many theories about the cause of colic, but no one knows what causes it or how to cure it. I can recall my two oldest experiencing it, and I found myself crying along with my firstborn, and that was bad because it made the situation much worst. After all, babies can feel stress from others. After trying out different strategies, I found some ways that helped us.


It's one of the most traditional ways to soothe a crying baby. You can do it several ways, sitting in a rocking chair, lying down with the baby in your arms, or simply holding the child and swaying back and forth.

Car Rides

Taking your baby for a car ride can help in two ways. One way is helping to soothe, and the other is putting your baby to sleep.

White Noise

Try to have something with noise playing in the background. Such as a fan, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, and washer machine. You can also search on YouTube or have any music app playing white noise. 

Baby Workouts

Have your baby lay on their back, and you gently move their legs as if they were bike riding a few times.

Baby Massage

You can give gentle massages with oil or lotions made for babies. Put a small amount on the palms of your hand and rub them together to warm them up. Do gentle tummy strokes moving your hands clockwise. You can also watch videos on YouTube that will demonstrate it correctly.


The swaddle keeps them from wiggling their arms, but their legs are free. And, always place your baby on their back, and stop swaddling them once they can roll over. 

If you have any tips you would like to share, please do! Till the next time ;)

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