Tuesday, November 17, 2020

7 Tips to Assist You While on Bed Rest During Pregnancy

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Did your Obstetrician just put you on bed rest? Usually, he or she will put you on it because of a threatening miscarriage, high blood pressure or other health conditions, or preterm labor. Keep in mind those a just a few reasons. There are a few different types that your doctor can put you on. First is a limited activity, which means to shorten your workday and limit any daily activities and take frequent breaks—also, no heavy lifting of any kind. The second is complete bed rest, either at home or a hospital stay. That is strictly in bed. But only get up to use the bathroom and to take showers. Remember this to increase your chances of having a full-term baby, which is considered after 37 weeks.

I can recall being on both limited and complete bed rest. The first time was because of a threatening miscarriage during my first trimester, and the second time because they knew me to be of high risk due to my previous pregnancy. Both times were hard for me because I’m the person who enjoys being on the go and doing things for myself. Here are some tips to help you during this challenging time, and remember this is in the best interest of you and your baby’s wellbeing.

Have a support system

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help from either your family or friends. Trust me. You will need it, especially if you have other children in the household. Dependent on what type of bed rest, your doctor says you must do.  You will need help with the home’s upkeep, such as the cooking, cleaning, and laundry and taking care of any other children you may have in the house. 

Work from Home

Let your employer know what has happened. Have paperwork because he or she may need it for documentation. Then ask what options you have during this time for working at home.

Paying your Bills

Thanks to technology, it has become much easier to pay your bills now. You can now schedule all your bills paid directly out of your banking accounts when it’s due without you having to do it in person. 

Food Shopping

Now you can either call or place your order online to get your groceries delivered to your house. Many grocery stores will provide this service to you. Sometimes you might experience long wait times for your groceries, but try ordering at least a few days or a week in advance. If you need it sooner, then ask a friend or a family member to help you out.

Activities to keep yourself occupied

Take this time to look into some hobbies such as knitting, scrapbooking, crossword puzzles, word search, and reading books. There are so many activities you can do during this time. Whatever activities you do, keep close to you.  Also, watching documentaries, movies, or catching up on your shows, either cable tv or streaming apps such as Hulu, or Netflix, just name a few.

Connect with your circle

You may feel lonely during this time since you won’t be able to connect with people socially outdoors, so keep in touch with your family and friends. Even invite them over for a movie, or just to talk. Another option is to do video calls if someone is sick and lessen your chances of getting sick.

Get Comfortable

Try to purchase comfy clothing, sheets, blankets, also a pregnancy pillow. Depending on what type of bed rest you are on will determine if you can get these things yourself or online. You will need to be comfortable during these times. 

If you have any tips you want to share, please feel free in the comments. 😊

Friday, November 6, 2020

Exercise While You Are Pregnant

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Are you wondering if it’s safe to do any type of exercise while being pregnant, and what are their benefits? Believe it or not, there are some safe ones out there, and so many uses for doing so. But don’t forget to discuss it with your doctor first before starting any type of exercise. You will need to get clearance from them before doing anything while pregnant, especially if it may pose a risk to both you and your baby. When I was pregnant with my first, I walked every day until a month before giving birth. It felt great, but the further along I became, the harder it was for me. If you get the okay from your doctor, be sure to use your judgment while exercising. Don’t push yourself. Whatever you do, do it in moderation.

Here are some benefits of exercising : 

  • You will maintain a healthy weight gain, which will help you out in so many ways during your pregnancy—fewer chances of getting any health complications that need medical attention during or post-pregnancy.

  • It will help you remove your bowels easily and regularly.

  • You will see your sleeping habits getting better. Many women struggle with sleep problems while pregnant, but doing a little exercise will improve your sleep. 

  • Reduces any amount of stress you may experience. When you get stressed, you release a cortisol hormone, which isn’t right for you or your baby because it can cause serious health complications, such as an early miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, just to name a few. 

  • It will improve your overall mood, especially if you have mood swings, because it releases those feel-good hormones.

Safe exercises to do while pregnant

  • Remember, first to ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to do any exercises. It is important to get clearance from him or her. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Such as your overall health and dependent on what stage you are in your pregnancy. 

  • Go for a brisk walk. If you have always been walking, keep doing it, but start small if you haven’t. You can even ask your doctor how many mins and times a week is appropriate for you. Remember to wear good shoes, always have water with you to stay hydrated. Don’t go walking when it’s hot. 

  • Try prenatal yoga. It helps ease stress, helps you with your sleep and overall health, and gets clearance first from your doctor.

Avoid these Activities 

  • Any contact sport can put you at risk of getting hit in the stomach, such as basketball and soccer.

  • Activities you have a risk of falling—Bicycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding, and balancing.

  • Any activity that you can get overheated. Like, “Hot” yoga or pilates.

  • You can also ask your doctor for a listing of activities to avoid.

When to Seek Medical Attention Immediately

  • Remember not to overwork yourself, and stay hydrated.

  • Vaginal Bleeding

  • Feeling dizzy

  • Headaches

  • Any feeling of discomfort just to be on the safe side or pains (contractions)

  • Your baby isn’t moving like he or she usually does during the day.

If you have any tips, you would like to share. Please do in the comments.😊

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Helpful Guide to Prepare You for the First Prenatal Visit

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Congratulations on this exciting news! Now that you have found out you’re pregnant and took some time to deal with this great news. It’s time to make your first prenatal appointment. Once that’s done, you are probably left wondering what will go on during your first prenatal check-up? Well, this will be one of your longest ones because so much is involved in it. 

Things To Prepare for in Advance

  • Have a list of all current medications and vitamins you are taking, so the doctor is aware of this and can let you know what is safe for your baby, and whatever is not, he or she might suggest an alternative.

  • Jot down all your medical history, your family’s, and your partners
    Your doctor will need to know this information. It will be of help to you, your baby, and your doctor. Then he or she can take any necessary precautions for any potential health problems or hereditary diseases.

  • Take some time to write a list of questions you or your partner may have. You can either have it in a notebook or on your phone. Usually, there is an app on the phone for notes. If not, you can download it on your phone.

The Day of the Appointment

  • Bring your information with you that you had prepared in advance, either in a notebook or on the phone.

  • Urine test- to confirm your pregnancy and also check for any infections or problems with your urine. 

  • Complete Physical Exam and Medical History- especially getting baseline numbers of your blood pressure to follow you through all your appointments. Also, check your height and weight to make sure you gain the appropriate amount of weight that may not cause health concerns to both you and your baby. He or she will be asking you questions during this time about you, your family, and the partner’s medical history.

  • Pelvic Exam - to check for any STD’s or Cervical Cancer. If you recently had one, you may not get looked at again, but if you had an abnormal result, he or she would conduct another one.

  • Blood Work- to see your blood type and check for your HCG levels, infections, or any problems in your blood. Also, check RH status to know if you are either RH positive or negative. If you are negative, you will have to take certain precautions during your pregnancy. Your doctor will discuss that with you.

  • Ultrasound- this test will give you an accurate due date and how long you are in your pregnancy.

  • Questions- Don’t forget to ask your doctor any questions you have prepared in advance, so you don’t feel unsure about anything in particular. Such as what is safe to take for headaches, fevers, eat, exercise, just to name a few.

  • Schedule - Remember to schedule your next appointment and always be sure to keep up with them all. It’s crucial for both you and your developing baby.

If you have any tips, you would like to share. Please do so in the comments. Until next time.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Just Finding Out You're Pregnant, Now What?

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Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Did you just recently found out you are pregnant? Are you going through some mixed emotions? Trust me; it’s perfectly normal. Many women will experience mixed feelings, both happy and sad. I can recall how scared, shocked, and then delighted when I found out all three times. Take the time you need to process the news, and once you have done that, there are a few things you will need to take care of to have a successful pregnancy.

Refrain from Stress

Stress can do a lot of harm to you and your baby. Such as an increase in the risk of miscarriage or premature births and also cause health complications to yourself. So it’s vital to prevent any of it, but sometimes it’s out of your control so try to limit it. If you see yourself getting stressed, go for walks around your area, or take part in prenatal yoga. (Fit2B Studio)  It improves sleep and also reduce stress and anxiety. Be sure to ask your Obestrician first before signing up for a program. Here are some extra tips to help you reduce your stress levels from another mom blogger, Rashmi.

Your Diet

Make sure to eat healthy meals for you and your baby. It’s crucial for your baby’s development and growth. There are foods you should stay away from raw seafood, rare meat, hot dogs, deli meats, raw eggs, and also any fish products that contain high mercury, such as Swordfish, King Mackerel, Tilefish, Shark, and Tuna. It can cause damage to your baby’s brain development and the nervous system. You can ask your obstetrician for a list of foods that are safe to eat and not eat. So you can hang it on your refrigerator and be mindful of what you are eating.

Search for an Obstetrician 

You can either ask your friends who have had babies or look online for one. You should feel comfortable with the doctor you select since you will be seeing him or her throughout your pregnancy up until the day you give birth.

Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You should drink about 8 to 12 glasses daily. It’s essential for both you and the baby. Especially during the third trimester because it can cause contractions to occur before its time. 

Maternity Wear

You may start to feel uncomfortable in your regular clothing as your belly starts to grow but don’t worry. There are plenty of maternity clothing options that can be purchased either online or at a brick and mortar store.


Try to get a good 7 to 8-hour sleep nightly. It’s okay to find yourself needing more rest in your first trimester because your body is doing much more than its use.

Enjoy this Moment

Don’t forget to enjoy every moment of your pregnancy because it’s such a wonderful experience of seeing your belly growing as your baby develops inside you. You can even talk to your baby,  play light music by placing headphones around your stomach, and even read stories. It’s a great way to connect with your baby during this time.

If you have any tips to share, feel free to share them in the comments.😊

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Hey Moms, 5 Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Home

Danielle MacInnes from Unsplash

Lately, it's been a hard time for us moms trying to handle everything. Never mind the usual responsibilities of having to cook, clean, work, and take care of our kids. Because of Pandemic, some people must work from home and also help their kids with distance learning. Trust me, when I say most of us are in the same shoes. I started consuming way too much coffee to help me get through the interminable days because, by mid-day, I'm looking for a nap. Unfortunately, things were becoming unmanageable at home and needed to get fixed. So I started making some simple changes.  Here are some ways to help you in your home.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Select one day that you can devote a few hours of nothing else but for thorough cleaning of the home. If your children are young, pick a day that you can keep them occupied for a few hours with cartoons or even a movie. Then every day, do one room in the home, but bathrooms, dishes, and beds do daily.

Meal Planning

Try to plan out your meals for the week or even monthly. Select the meals you and your family enjoy eating. Then see what ingredients you have and don't. If you are missing something, make a list. Don't be like me plenty of times, I have forgotten to get many things from the store and had to change my meal ideas.

Plastic Bins

These containers are huge lifesavers when you have small kids. You can have one in any corner of the living room to keep your child's toys, dolls, blocks. It helps keep your living room, and their things organized. 

Keeping Control of Papers

It is easy to hoard papers. To prevent you from that is by using a small container to hold it all. Then, once a week, go through it and throw out what you don't need.

Tidy Up Every Evening

Right before you go to bed each night, do a quick walk-through of your home, and clean up anything is out of place.

Thank you for reading until next time 😊

Saturday, May 16, 2020

You Can Still Celebrate Your Child's Graduation During the Quarantine

Jeremiah Lawrence on Unsplash

Around this time of year, many families are planning their child's graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still keeping schools closed. So some schools are rescheduling, canceling, or doing their graduations virtual. I know it's a hard time for anyone who has a child that supposed to graduate this year. Especially knowing and seeing how hard he or she must have worked to complete this goal in their life. Here are some tips to help you and your family celebrate this special day.

Live Ceremony

You can make a graduation ceremony for your child through Zoom with family and friends. Make it as much fun as possible and don't forget to take pictures. Could even make it as a surprise or include him or her in planning it. Also, another option is YouTube on June 6 is having a virtual "Dear Class of 2020" with the Obamas headlining. It will have commencement speeches, and music performers such as BTS, and Lady Gaga, to name a few. Then afterward, there will also be an after-party. If you're interested in is on June 6 at 1 pm PST.

Graduation Party

Pick a time and day to have a party through ZoomYou can do two different ones. Have one for your child and their friends, and one with family. And let your child decide on music and activities.

Car Parade

See who lives close by and select a time and day to have a drive-by parade. Ask them if they could decorate their cars with signs and balloons for that day. Your child can dress up in their special graduation outfit and be outside, ready to wave as the cars drive by.

Picture Time

Have your graduate wear their Cap and Gown and take pictures of him or her in unique areas of the house. Make it kind of fun for them. There are plenty of options out there to make photo books of all the photos to store them for memories. You could either get one from Shutterfly, Amazon or at any department store.

Thanks for reading, until next time 😊

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

5 Virtual Ideas to Help Celebrate Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is in a few days. Many people are wondering how to celebrate it while practicing social distancing. At first, I was going to treat it like any other day, but that isn't right, because of my kids, they made me who I am today. Plus, with all that has been happening, it's good to try to keep some normalcy in the home. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this day without jeopardizing social distancing. Here are some helpful ideas for virtual distancing on either a laptop or tablet while using Zoom. 

Beverage Hour

You can set a time to have whatever type of drink you and your family prefer, such as coffee, tea, or wine, and socialize. It would be nice to see everyone and socialize.

Cook a meal

All the women in the family can plan a meal that you all can cook at the same time together. So everyone could eat the same meal even though they are all in their own homes.

Eat Together

Have the whole family eat at the same time together. Use this time to talk with each other and even include the children in the discussion.

Watch A Movie

You and your family can decide on a movie that everyone can watch at the same time and have a discussion about it. Be sure to have snacks such as popcorn, or chips, and some drinks. To make the experience even more enjoyable, especially if there are kids in the family.  

Pedicure and Manicure

You can also do a Mani and Pedi hour. All the women in your family can get together to talk, do their nails, and show them off to each other at the end. Also, include your daughters if you think it would be appropriate depending on their age.

Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for reading 😊 

7 Tips to Assist You While on Bed Rest During Pregnancy

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