Saturday, May 16, 2020

You Can Still Celebrate Your Child's Graduation During the Quarantine

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Around this time of year, many families are planning their child's graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still keeping schools closed. So some schools are rescheduling, canceling, or doing their graduations virtual. I know it's a hard time for anyone who has a child that supposed to graduate this year. Especially knowing and seeing how hard he or she must have worked to complete this goal in their life. Here are some tips to help you and your family celebrate this special day.

Live Ceremony

You can make a graduation ceremony for your child through Zoom with family and friends. Make it as much fun as possible and don't forget to take pictures. Could even make it as a surprise or include him or her in planning it. Also, another option is YouTube on June 6 is having a virtual "Dear Class of 2020" with the Obamas headlining. It will have commencement speeches, and music performers such as BTS, and Lady Gaga, to name a few. Then afterward, there will also be an after-party. If you're interested in is on June 6 at 1 pm PST.

Graduation Party

Pick a time and day to have a party through ZoomYou can do two different ones. Have one for your child and their friends, and one with family. And let your child decide on music and activities.

Car Parade

See who lives close by and select a time and day to have a drive-by parade. Ask them if they could decorate their cars with signs and balloons for that day. Your child can dress up in their special graduation outfit and be outside, ready to wave as the cars drive by.

Picture Time

Have your graduate wear their Cap and Gown and take pictures of him or her in unique areas of the house. Make it kind of fun for them. There are plenty of options out there to make photo books of all the photos to store them for memories. You could either get one from Shutterfly, Amazon or at any department store.

Thanks for reading, until next time 😊

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  1. Haha, these are some really creative ways to celebrate! It's amazing :)

  2. These are some great ideas! The car parade is very creative. Thanks for sharing. 😊

  3. So true there are many fab ways to celebrate graduation! This is such a lovely post thank you for sharing! 🥰

  4. Those are great alternatives. Thanks for sharing.


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